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In the upcoming game Whack the Creeps your left fuming after a romantic quiet drink with your girlfriend is ruined by a rude, desperate and sleazy creepy guy who wants to steal your girlfriend away from you in a typical bar scene.

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It happens to many of us on a date or with our long term partners, your in a bar enjoying a nice quiet drink and some annoying sleaze bag eyes your partner up and starts leering all over her. In most real life situations there's not a whole lot you can do in such situations except tell him to bugar off or be forced to leave the bar. The former usually escalates the scene and leaves you with a situation where you either punch the creep and show him who's boss, allow him to take a swing at you or allow him to leer over your girlfriend even more. None of them are ideal.

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Well in this game you will be able to brutally murder the creep in many satisfying and elaborate ways playing both the guy and the girl!

The game is brought to you by the same guys behind Whack the Neighbour and will be out for both mobile and browser this year.

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