The Torture 2: A Beast of a Game

More Killing Games!

Torture Your Victim One Instrument At A Time!

This disturbing and bloody game features a life like person or dummy strapped up in a darkened room. You choose from a number of instruments to torture them, eventually causing a fatality.

Remarkably this is one of the most popular games to ever be developed using flash with the game receiving over 20 million plays on Newgrounds alone.

Similar to Adult Swims 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself - there are many different combinations you can use to kill the person which gives the game plenty of replayablity. This also means you can bring a fatality to the victim with different bloody and torturous effects. For example you can impale the victim with full on spikes whilst shaving all their skin off - this is rather disgusting but it seems to be a game many people like to play.

On a sadistic level it probably brings out the creative side for those that play the game - with it just being a game it is harmless, where as in real life no one would even contemplate doing such a thing! The game is somewhat controversial but then what isn't everything these days.

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