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A survival horror MMORPG. You are a survivor in a zombie infested city. Civilization has collapsed and you must fight for your survival. Co-op with friends, complete missions, unlock achievements and build your own safehouse and scavenge for loot in the streets. Experience turn based combat and roleplaying in a post apocalyptic world of living walking dead.

In Depth Review: Zombie Pandemic Brings the Undead to Text Based Role Playing

Players of text based role playing games have always been used to dealing with ghouls and other pesky undead things that rise from the grave. In these titles, you would hardly give a second look or even care much for these nasties. After all, they are pretty much staple enemies that you would find while venturing into dungeons and caves.  Of course, that often involves games where sword-slashing and sorcery are common everyday skills that every adventurer has. Zombie Pandemic brings the thrill of dealing with the undead to a modern world setting. Now left to scavenge a post-apocalyptic city for weapons, food, and equipment -your goal is not to conquer; your aim is to survive.

Yes, once again, we will be dealing with zombies out in the streets –all the while foraging for food, picking up guns and ammo that are strewn all over the place, and of course, looking for other survivors who may be able to help us out. This is the world of Zombie Pandemic, one of the many games cashing in on the ever-popular undead craze that has been infesting the internet and modern day pop culture.

zombie pandemic - zombies out in the streets

There is an undeniable thrill at the idea of thriving in a post-society environment where only the most fundamental of human needs are important: survival. To be able to gather enough food, ammunition, weapons, and possibly even securing a safe place to hole up in –these are the things that most people would want in a zombie infested world. And that is exactly what you will be aiming for in-game.

The Typical Zombie Storyline

zombie pandemic - typical story line

Zombie outbreak scenarios are rarely all that unique –after all, it always starts with some virus infecting certain people –this then spreads out at an uncontrollable rate. This is why the background story for Zombie Pandemic is not surprising at all.

Your own character wakes up in the middle of the city without any prior memories. This is pretty convenient when it comes to role playing, though it completes prevents players from inventing a character that is invested in a back story. It would have been much easier to have a totally blank slate –sans amnesia, which allows players to decide what kind of past they want for their characters.

Anyway, it turns out that unlike most zombie scenarios, the government and military forces in Zombie Pandemic have not been entirely overrun –they have successfully set up quarantine zones to keep people safe from the threat of zombies. Sadly, there is one major obstacle: you woke up in the wrong zone. This then places your character with the need to seek out other survivors, gather resources and somehow, manage to survive dealing with zombies.

Scavenge to Survive

This game is all about picking up items. Of course, you will need to either fight zombies or run away from them, but more importantly, you will need to gather resources. Food, scraps, materials, weapons, almost anything is worth something – whether you can use it or not. The game provides you with a way to dispose of any item you do not need for credits, or you may be able to make something useful out of the most unlikely objects when building barricades in your fort. Regardless of how you use them, items are your lifeline in the game.

zombie pandemic - scavenge to survive

Navigation in the game is done via a top down perspective on the city. From there, you will be able to discern lootable containers, hostiles (which are zombies), and other survivors (any non-zombies). Naturally, your goal is to avoid dealing with the zombies as much as possible. It is practically impossible to wipe out the zombies since they will keep respawning, so you better focus on getting whatever you wanted to do done as fast as you can.

Reading Is Important

Zombie Pandemic: Text Based Story and Gameplay

The whole point of a text based game is that players are supposed to read the text. If you want to be able to formulate the best strategies and not waste any energy or turns, then you should read. Information about incoming zombies –such as what kind of people they were before they got turned, how far they are from you, will help you decide on which course of action to take.

A single zombie that is over 50 yards away is hardly a threat to you even if you are spotted; though a small group that is much further may be reason enough for you to take another route. Weapon selection also comes into play from knowing enemy distance (and number) determines if you should be readying your handgun or if you are better off loading a rifle.

Yes, the game has plenty of images to guide players, but the real meat of the content is in the text. So anyone who is not fond of reading may want to pass this up for something a little more graphic in nature. But, fans of MUDs, Zork, Tabletop RPGs, and other similar games will appreciate the delivery of Zombie Pandemic.

Browser Based Problems

The thing about Zombie Pandemic is that it is still a browser based social game, and here, your interactions with the community are quite important. There’s a lot to do like meeting new players, chatting about the game, sharing techniques, and more. You can directly help other players by providing them with a quick boost to their health (or be the recipient of similar aid) during missions.

However, if you are not a fan of the online games connected to social networks, then you may not enjoy Zombie Pandemic as much. There is a limit to the number of actions or turns you can execute and the number of missions you can play. Which is a shame since the original promise of the developers was to create a game that is focused highly on the single player aspect – scavenging, combat, etc. The result however is a game that relies more on the social aspect of gaining some permanent allies. More specifically, clans; Zombie Pandemic is highly clan-centric in terms of being able to move your character up the food chain (and further away from being zombie chow).

You do not necessarily need an all-powerful group to get by; even one or two clan members who are sufficiently leveled can help boost the progress of everyone else. Players still have the option of playing independently of everyone else, but expect a long and slow grind to gain better equipment and items at earlier levels.

The Verdict

For a typical social browser game, Zombie Pandemic has plenty of worthwhile fun times. Those looking for a more hardcore zombie-apocalypse survivor experience will want to pass this up due to its casual approach. The graphics work well with the game, though the map view really needs to get smoothened out. The audio is mostly negligible, which is what one would expect from a game like this. Controls are simple and mostly mouse based –you need the keyboard for chatting of course. And lastly, the overall gameplay is initially addictive; until you reach that point where turns take too long and you start playing this on a more casual level. Zombie Pandemic may seem a little niche with the text based gameplay, but it is certainly one that we recommend that all players try out. We give this game a charred zombie’s 85/100.

Rating: 85/100

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