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Gun down the undead and survive long enough to free the city from the plague of fresh eating zombies in The Last Stand Union City. The third in the series by Armor Games and Con Artists Studios features loads more explosive weapons, terrains to explore and quests to accomplish.

Skills in Last Stand Union City

First are the two melee combat strength skills. These two determine how well you do with either blade or blunt type melee weapons - basically, melee weapons with sharp edges and melee weapons without. There is no specific rule on which one to level more. But if you have a preference for a certain hand to hand weapon, then best invest in the appropriate ability - our personal favorite, the battle axe, is a quite obviously sharp weapon.

The precision skills are as easy to figure out: the four skills categorize guns into different categories: pistols, long guns, automatics and special weapons. Pistols cover all handguns; long guns are rifles and shotguns while automatics are simply any weapon types that keep firing as long as your hold down the mouse button. Anything else not covered, flamethrowers, explosives and what-not, are considered to be "special weapons" since they do not fall under any of the above categories.

Endurance skills cover HP and stamina, if you rely heavily on these, particularly on survivor mode, then it would be to your advantage to invest in these two skills. They affect stamina and HP capacity as well as regeneration rates for stamina. Even if you think that food is plentiful, having a great deal of health always helps.

Lastly, we have the intelligence based skills. These are skills that cover your interactions with the world and also the effectiveness of medicine. If you can play defensively, then only the smarts, security and searching abilities are important - in fact, if you are confident with your lock picking skills, then you can also drop the security feature as well (just add a small amount to be sure that you can attempt to lockpick in the first place).

Survival VS Run and Gun

Which mode to choose? Entirely up to you. Know that once you choose, you cannot change the game mode. Run and Gun is more action oriented, and players will have to move fast, keep killing and keep moving forward. The challenge here is to get plenty of useful items, and kill all the zombies you see as fast as you can. It is certainly a lot easier than survivals and focuses more on the action than anything else.

the last stand union city: sleep

Survival is a game for those who want to take their time, plan their actions and be a little more careful as there will be plenty of things to be wary off. First, hunger and fatigue will be introduced. This means that you will need both food and a place to sleep every now and then. Also, the key here is to kill enemies before they see you or while they are knocked down or stunned.

What You Need

Your inventory is your backpack and you can only carry a set amount (determined by weight, which can be expanded by having higher strength). Basically, since you have a limited amount of space, you need to audit the items you carry. For junk, keep only the paper weight and broken pipe. Once they are no longer needed for a quest, you can always trash any item that falls into the junk category.

Ammunition is virtually weightless so there is no reason to worry about that. Weapons on the other hand, tend to be heavy. Just bring the strongest weapons you find - trade a few good ones to your NPC companion (be sure it is a gun-type instead of melee), and get rid of the rest. Late in the game, any 'damaged' item is not worth keeping. Equip one long range and one melee weapon in your hands to ensure that you are ready for type of zombie encounter.

the last stand union city: inventory clothes

Clothes can get bulky, so just keep the ones that appeal to you the most. Remember that apparel has no bonuses on attributes and skills, so their only value is aesthetics. Some players simply choose to have their character run around in skivvies - which are not that visually appealing, but understandable for some low strength builds.

Food and medicine will always be needed. So keep track of your health, stamina and hunger to ensure that you have more than enough supplies to fend off zombie waves. Toss a few in your storage as an emergency stash later in the game. Most importantly, always scavenge storage areas thoroughly.

Dealing With Zombies:

If you want to shoot, be sure to aim carefully - particularly with long guns and pistols (basically anything that has a low rate of fire). It may seem hard when you are being overrun by a horde, but wasting your bullets is worse than wasting your time. A carefully placed headshot can easily kill a zombie as compared to multiple bullets in the torso. Make use of the crouch feature to make your reticule smaller and choose to keep guns that have scopes over heavy types (spec-ops variants are always the best, as they combine scope and heavy bonuses). Automatic weapons are easier in terms of getting hits in, but they are more effective for dealing with groups instead of single enemies.

the last stand union city: military base

When using melee, never underestimate the usefulness of the shove (spacebar) when wanting to knock a zombie aside. It is a bit strategic with very short range melee weapons (like knives), but when coupled with weapons that have longer reach (such as axes, hatches, golf clubs), it is extremely useful. Since melee weapons seem to have no bonuses for hitting enemies on the head, just keep aiming for the general torso area and you should be fine.

Running from the undead is never a bad thing. Remember that when you are indoors, a wave of zombies will drop down from the roof every few minutes (the intervals vary from game to game, but most peg it at every 2-3 minutes). If you can manage to hold them off, it will mean plenty of experience points for you. If you are in a bad position, then there is no shame in retreating. Doing so will cease the ambush (though those that have managed to drop down will remain). Also, running from room to room will scatter the droppers while running to the streets is much safer.

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