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Bring Some Fright to Your Life this Collection of Ghost Games

It is fun to get scared every once in a while –which is exactly the point of horror themed stuff. Sure, there are plenty of great games in different genres where one can explore a whole myriad of emotions; but pure, unabated fright is something that only the best horror games can delightfully serve up. So what are our horror game recommendations for those of you hoping to find some spine tingling chills from in the browser game category? Well here are 5 of our hair-raising go-to titles, and while we would certainly recommend playing these games alone in the dark, some of you might want to play in a more well-lit and open environment.

The Dead Case

the dead case game

This game is pretty much vintage in the realm of flash based titles. But the nostalgic trip it gives old school gamers is more than just a nod at how long it has been around, it also shows how iconic the game was.

The Dead Case is a point and click game with an interesting narrative, you play as the ghost of a person who cannot remember how they died. As you move around a small town, you start meeting other ghosts and try to figure out the mystery behind your death. Along the way you also get to help out the other ghosts by figuring out their mysteries too.

Delivery wise, this game is obviously pretty old – which can be seen with the extremely unpolished artwork and the generic music. The narrative however, is sure to keep anyone playing the game to stay curious.

Our only real peeve about The Dead Case is that instead of a save game feature, it makes use of passwords to track progress. This does have its’ own advantage –as long as you have the password, you can continue your game from any computer. The game itself is not that long, a couple of hours is more than enough to solve all the mysteries and even with the odd navigation system (not to mention the heavily redundant per-scene movement).

The House 2

the house 2 game

Plenty of scares await you in The House 2. Now, this is much less of a game and more of an experience. There are no actual puzzles to solve, instead, players must look around the current room and click on various objects to trigger events. There are no sequences or order to things so it all becomes a matter of simple exploration through spam-clicking. Keep an eye out on the mouse cursor and keep clicking until something new happens.

And by something new we mean until something suddenly gets your hairs to stand up on end. Some of the events that happen are a little predictable (especially if you are familiar with horror troupes), but they are still delightfully frightening to see. And do not forget to put on your best earphones to fully hear all the creepy background effects that make the game so much fun to play through. There is not much here to come back to after your first complete run however, so make the most out of the experience when you play it for the very first time.

The visuals in the House 2 are top notch and not to be mistaken to the classic old comedy horror film - House. Much of the backgrounds look like they are monochromatic photo stills and the level of detail put into animating the little things (like blood dripping from who-knows-where) are certainly remarkable.


ghost escape 1 game

This one is a more traditional escape room style point and click game that places you inside a haunted house –no surprises there, but the delivery is good enough to let it stick with the cliché. This one is actually a good title for the younger players as there is a bit of handholding given by the game (though you might want to be with them while they play to ease out the tension). Not much scares here in terms of stuff that will surprise you (though there are a couple of in-your-face animations).

One little tidbit we love about this game is the fact that you are given a virtual camera and you are expected to take pictures of the ghosts and other ghastly things that happen. This can either make Ghostscape scarier or something that takes away the tension; depending on how you react to these things. We highly recommend this as a starter game for anyone new to the genre and want to try out a game that offers decent gameplay but little actual skill required.

Ghostscape 2 - The Cabin

ghost escape 2 game

One of the biggest improvements of The Cabin over the first Ghost Escape game is the wonderfully created visuals. While the original was pretty much comprised of digital art, this sequel combines photographs with flash animation in order to bring the world of the Cabin to life. The titular cabin is, as one would have guessed from the genre, a cabin in the woods. Yep, the setting is as cliché as the haunted house of the first game, but the game still manages to deliver a pretty interesting story.

Players start off the game by providing a name and like many horror stories, the player provided name is used in the story in order to provide a few thrills. The scares here are a lot more subtle and the sense of mystery from the game pretty much overshadows the fright factor. One could say that the game is more haunting than it is scary, which is also cool in its’ own way.

The best thing about Ghostscape 2 is that you do not even have to play the original game. The story is a standalone narrative that has nods and homages to the first game, but still does not deprive the player of a complete playing experience.

Ask the Spirits 2

ask the spirits 2 game

There is a lot to be said about Ouija boards in general, but Ask the Spirits 2 is a great way to do some “spirit questioning” without actually risking unleashing a demon into existence (or at the very least, not wasting perfectly good candles). This game, for all intents and purposes is a virtual mock Ouija board with a randomized set of answers given to specific questions.

So far, the AI has been designed to not be consistent, it gives random names per play, answers yes or no questions randomly, and pulls out a random choice from a series of set answers when given set questions (“how did you die”, “who killed you”, etc).

The real fun is in the random horror-themed images it suddenly decides to flash onscreen during the sessions. Ask the Spirits 2 is full of disturbing imagery and visuals that will appear out of nowhere. Play this game on full volume and fullscreen mode if you want to have a few thrills. The game is certainly not lying when it makes a warning at the very start about having material not suitable for players who are squeamish.

Play Spooky ghost games online at and start communicating with the other side of the world in Ask the Spirtis 2. Alternatively let's see what lurks behind door number 2 in 'The House 2'.