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Escape the Horror that Awaits You in These Surprisingly Atmospheric Casual Games


An escape game by Psionic, Ghostscape is filled to the brim with paranormal goodness. As a veteran investigator, you just can't stay away from all things occult. You live life on the edge at all times and this situation is no exception. In Ghostscape, you investigate a haunted manor as you try to find out what has happened to its residents. Uncover occult artifacts and find evidence of sacred rituals. Expect chairs to move on their own, ghosts to give you a good scare and, if you're lucky, you might even come across intriguing diary entries that you can put to good use. But who's going to believe you? To make sure you have a scoop, you take your camera with you to get some proof. Document everything, collect evidence and make it out alive. If you can, that is.

Ghostscape 2Ghostscape 2

The sequel to Psionic's point and click escape title, Ghostscape 2 thrusts you into another supernatural adventure. This time around, you set out to investigate a creepy cabin in the woods. Explore a place that seems frozen in time and uncover the mystery surrounding the cabin's aged occupant. Disturb nothing, keep your head down and always be on guard -- an ominous shadow lurks nearby. Just like it was in the original game, you are given the option to record paranormal events by snapping pictures with your handy camera. If you wish to add credibility to your scoop, you can also keep an eye out for intriguing diary entries scattered about the property. Of course, breezing through the game is also an option, however, a better fate awaits those who take the time to explore every nook and cranny.

Deep SleepDeep Sleep

Created by Scriptwelder, Deep Sleep is a surreal escape game made as an entry for the 10th Casual Gameplay Design Competition. As its title suggests, you play it in the world of dreams. Or, more appropriately, you play it stuck in an endless nightmare. need to wake up but something that lurks within the depths of your mind is stopping you. Keep your wits about as you struggle to survive and attempt to run away from the nightmarish visions on your trail. You know not why you were chosen, only that it wants to keep you trapped -- something that becomes obvious as it pulls you even deeper into the rabbit hole. You have two options. Win and you get to wake up and go back to the land of the living. Lose and you'll keep reliving your worst nightmare for all eternity. It's time for you to decide your fate.

Deeper SleepDeeper Sleep

Deeper Sleep is the sequel to Scriptwelder's award-winning point and click adventure title. After being trapped in a dream that's all too real, you begin questioning your sanity. As you become more and more obsessed with the topic of lucid dreaming, those around you begin to question it too. To put a stop to the madness, you seek answers in a library only to find out that the only way out of your endless nightmare is to go even deeper than you've ever gone before. Brave the depths once more if you dare or stay a prisoner of your mind forever. But be wary -- you're not alone. Someone, or something, wants to keep you trapped. It's hunting you and it will stop at nothing to hinder you. Think you can face your fears and survive?

The Deepest SleepThe Deepest Sleep

The third installment in Scripwelder's horror-themed escape titles, The Deepest Sleep brings you even closer to the conclusion of your journey. In Deep Sleep, you found yourself stuck in an endless nightmare. You struggle to wake up and you do -- or so you think. In Deeper Sleep, the game's sequel, you became obsessed about finding answers. You researched all about lucid dreaming. Those around you questioned your sanity. You questioned your sanity and you realized that you were still asleep. In the third game, you'll need to pit your wits against the terrible creatures that wish to keep you trapped for all eternity. Stay a step ahead from them if you wish to survive and awaken from your endless nightmare.

Don't Escape 2Don't Escape 2

There's no time to lose in Don't Escape 2, a zombie-themed escape game from Scriptwelder (the same guy who brought you the dark point and click adventure, Deep Sleep and its sequels). Now, instead of running from nightmarish creatures that lurk in the depths of your mind, you are desperately trying to secure the building you and your friends are holed up in. It has been two weeks since the outbreak began and your situation has gotten progressively worse since. Actually, it's gotten so bad that a horde of the undead are on their way to your area right now. Time is of the essence and there's doesn't seem enough of it for you to secure your building enough to keep the undead out. Will you be able to fortify your defenses before sunset or will you end up shuffling among the horde yourself?

Don't Escape 3Dont Escape 3 Game

Another thrilling point and click game by Scriptwelder, Don't Escape 3's events take place in outer space. You wake up aboard a starship with no memory of what knocked you out. The vessel is drifting in space, warning lights are flashing and the computer is counting down to something that can only be bad news. You know you're in a ship load of trouble and you have a sinking feeling that the other crew members are dead. All the worrying in the world isn't going to get you out of this predicament so you go to explore the rest of the ship. Every bone in your body is telling you you're doomed and it doesn't help that you only have an hour's worth of air left. What's more, the ship has detected an intruder. Think you can survive until someone responds to your distress call?