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Decision is back, and those zombies aren't going to decimate themselves


Zombie apocalypse? These things seem to happen more often in the gaming world than the rising and falling of the sun each day. In fact, they seem to be happening so very often that I'm sure most people would wipe zombie brains from their shoulder and continue eating their breakfast with the hand that isn't holding the .357 Magnum, and all with less fuss than if they had spilled their orange juice on the tablecloth. Still, the ubiquitous nature of zombies in modern popular culture and media indicates that there indeed must be a demand for such a genre, a hole to be filled with the likes of The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and sublime games like The Last Of Us. Decision 3 is another game that fills the void just nicely, and it does so in your browser, for free, and with quite some style.


Decision is a straight-up survival shooter for those that haven't had the pleasure of roaming its environments before; it is one of the better series out there and dare I say it may be edging on being one of the very best series of its genre in existence. Such a bold statement is surely to be somewhat hyperbolic though, right? I mean, considering Decision 3 is just the third title in a trilogy of browser-based games. Well, this isn't lavish description for its own sake: Decision 3 is sublime, and there are many reasons why.

The first is that the premise is rather simple (and a little typical of this genre , though this shouldn't be held against it): you're an ex-military man that's in a city overrun by zombies, and you must essentially survive by foraging for supplies, collecting survivors, and most importantly of all, blowing the living (or should I say non-living) hell out of any zombies you may come across.


The shooting aspect of the game is of course Decision 3's strong suit (which is lucky because the storyline/writing is shaky at best, but again this isn't a big-budget game like The Last Of Us). The game is viewed from a birds-eye perspective as you navigate the post-apocalyptic city, an area that is split into several zones with the 'Reservation Camp' in the middle, an area that you will return to frequently to take refuge from the increasingly difficult encounters with zombies you'll be experiencing.

If you're quite familiar with the zombie game world, then this title is comparable to The Last Stand, though has more of an open world and requires a little more planning and strategy in order to survive. You'll spend any time that you're not blasting zombies looking for supplies such as ammo and new weapons. You'll also have the option of collecting or discarding survivors as you go, again increasing your chances of survival and increasing the realism a little bit more.


When it comes down to it, the levels of tension and vast quantities of nerve-racking, gun-toting action really makes your decision to play Decision 3 not a choice but rather an inevitability with perhaps the illusion of choice thrown in to make you feel like a big man. There's nothing manly about deciding to skip on playing one of Flyanvil's most scintillating zombie survival titles however, so do yourself a favour and get involved: the game looks, feels, and generally is better than its predecessor, and if you can forgive the lacklustre storyline/cut-scene writing then this may very well be the best flash-based zombie survival game you'll ever play.


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