Ask the Spirits 2 Game

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Ask the Spirits any question you want, whether a complex one of a yes or no one and they will surely respond.

This game is quite creepy so if you get spooked easily then click away!

Type your question into the bottom left corner of the game and watch the evil spirits answer using a Ouija Board.

Simple questions you can start with include:

  • How Did You Die
  • What is Your Name
  • How Old Were You When You Died

Creepy questions include:

  • Will you try to kill me?
  • Are you in the same room as me now?
  • When will I die

If your a fan of the supernatural then this game can bring you some cheap thrills, not quite on the same level as 'The House 2' but more like on the level of watching something like Witchboard!.

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