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Zombie World War

Nobody thought it would come to this. What started with a few isolated cases has now become a fight for the survival of the human race. This is Zombie World War. The virus spread like wildfire and those infected became the walking dead. With so much panic, society quickly crumbled and governments soon lost control . Now, survivors such as yourself are the last line of defence for the human race. Continue Reading

Release Date: 13/08/2013

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Zombie World War - The zombie defense genre has a new pinnacle to look up to

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0 Days Without An Apocalypse

You cannot expect to have a browsing session of any decent length in your app store without stumbling upon games whose premises rest heavily, if not entirely on the catch-all plot device that is a zombie apocalypse. Put forth a scenario where the whole world's gone to pot because of a rapidly-spreading infection and the rise of the undead and you've pretty much got an open field as a developer to go in any direction you want with your game. Thankfully for the Android Market, Zombie World War's developers went strongly in the direction of having the game revolve solely around the task of shooting the hell out of oncoming zombies. For this decision we must thank developers FT Games for without said decision, the game may not have been quite as thrilling or action packed as it is.

No Survivors

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So exactly what is a man to do if he finds himself stuck in the middle of a zombie takeover in a city where he is the only living soul that isn't infested with a zombifying virus? Come on, we've all envisaged and planned to an alarming degree of detail what we would do in this situation. These plans consist of a lot of barricading and an even larger quantity of shooting the non-living daylights out of anything that moves. This is basically the premise of Zombie World War, as well as an almost complete explanation of the gameplay mechanics. The only thing I've left to reveal is that you simply have to tap the screen at the exact spot you wish to be shot, and it shall be done.

Zombie World War is really just a standard third-person, birds-eye view affair with our main man taking refuge at the bottom centre of the screen, a point from which all of the killing is done. You've got your health bar on the top of the screen . Your power-ups are displayed at the lower-left of the interface. You can also see how much currency you're amassing by well, looking at the dollar pouring in as you arrange swift meetings between the oncoming zombies and the burning hot pieces of lead you're shooting from your various weapons.  It's very reminiscent of browser-based game The Last Stand only with a little more refinement and polish; we like this familiarity very, very much.

Brainless in Every Sense of the Word

Zombie World War Mobile App Game: Endless Shooting

One of the reasons why Zombie World War is so much more enjoyable than browser-based rivals such as Zombie Last Night 2 is that it isn't by any means a tactical shooter or a simulation of any kind (as much as we'd like to use it for our end-of-the-world training). You don't have to bother yourself with real-world restrictions like the reloading of your guns or the state of your ammo supply. It's a simple tap-and-shoot affair, and the satisfaction comes from the sheer impact of the sound of mowing down your enemies. In a sense, it is almost brainless fun that involves making your enemies brainless. Literally.

On the other hand, it isn't entirely undemanding of some skill from you, the player. You are actually judged on your performance with an on-screen indicator where you must fill up the indicator bar by killing your enemies, earning more kudos for killing them before they reach barriers or mowing them down in a prompt and accurate fashion. It isn't all generic zombie shooting either; you'll face a nice selection of foes ranging from the standard zombie to the massive uber-monster that you think you may never take down in time.  Ten types of guns and a variety of power-ups also await you in this game, each with their own benefits to your mission. The game's not short on levels to offer as well, with 3 world maps, each containing multiple stages which in turn possess a fair few levels, keeping you occupied with death and destruction for more than just a few casual lunchtime forays into the Android-based zombie game world.

Encyclopaedia Apocalyptica

Feeling Touch are the developers responsible for this wonderful masterpiece of zombie shooting, defense-ensuring action. They have made a title with a seriously lengthy campaign whose length and choice of weapons/power-ups will keep you going for hours on end. The atmosphere created by the dingy, apocalyptic graphics and supreme sound effects only serve to add to the chilling nature of such a dismal scenario, though dismal is far from what one ever describe this game as being.


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Zombie World War is developed by FT Games.

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