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Zombie Gunship

Zombie Gunship and reg ; puts you in the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse! Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti-zombie weapon.

Release Date: 15/07/2011

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Zombie Gunship Mobile App Game Review: Refines Undead Killing with Hardcore App Gaming

If you want a serious zombie killing game, this is the perfect game for you. Zombie Gunship is straightforward, has solid controls, impressive gameplay, and a very simplistic no-frills approach to the concept of zombie killing that makes you want to actually want to go out there and save people by shooting down zombies with the power of a gunship mounted 25MM Gatling gun.

Gunning from the Gunship

The game places you aboard a gunship circling over 3 various locations at night. Your visuals are done in monochrome night-vision style (much like what you would see from those surveillance images in military documentaries). Thankfully, the backgrounds are a whole lot more detailed than they would be realistically. Zombies appear as solid black silhouettes while human survivors appear as bright white. It’s a simple system, and it lets you focus on the core of the game: keeping the humans alive.

Each stage has various spawning points for humans and zombies. The humans will all run towards a single predetermined bunker. Zombies will try to get into the bunker and kill any humans they encounter on the way. Your job, is to use the weapons aboard the gunship to shoot down zombies and save as many humans as you can until one of two limits are reached: a zombie reaches the main entrance of the bunker (forcing the bunker to close down and you are ordered to return to base), or, your civilian casualties reach a certain limit (forcing your superior to tell you to return to base prematurely). Save enough humans across several playthroughs and the bunker will issue a “no humans” warning –your next map will be purely zombies and there is no worry of collateral damage ending your run too quickly.

After each sortie, you are provided with game credits –these are determined by the number of zombie kills and human saves you did during the run. Save up enough of these credits and you can unlock or purchase weapons for the gunship. As expected, there is no deeper story to the game, but the basic premise is more than enough to make players feel involved.

Getting into Combat

Control-wise, this game is as simple as it gets. You tap on the upper right to switch weapons (there are three to cycle, and each has its own zoom). Tap on the lower left to fire the weapon (remaining shots to reload per weapon is displayed on the upper right). To aim, simply move your finger around the screen and the camera will follow. The gunship will fly around the stage in a circle –you cannot control how it flies, so try to strategize which clusters of enemy zombies you will prioritize. Map objects such as cliffs, buildings, and other obstacles will hide zombies at certain angles, so focus on the ones that are in open view (you’ll get around to shooting down the hidden ones since the gunship will keep moving around).

Occasionally, you will find zombies that will engage humans –the humans will try to fight back, but after a while, they will die. To save them, you must kill the zombie attacking the human. We’d advise using the 25MM gatling gun for this (as opposed to the 40mm Bofors or the the 105mm Howitzer). If you successfully save the human, it will continue running towards the bunker. If you accidentally kill it, it will count as a point against you. That said, be careful when firing the Howitzer at groups –a human may be hidden the cluster.

While there is plenty of obvious fun to be had, the game’s meatiest portions comes in the well balanced difficulty that it provides to its players. The longer you stay in a stage, the volume of enemies becomes significantly larger –eventually, no matter how fast your reload speeds are, or how large the impact range of your weapons may be, you will get overwhelmed. And that is perfectly fine, it will end the sortie and you get to start out all over again.

The game itself already has plenty to offer, but the developers made sure that players would have more to do: hence the bonus objectives. These side objectives are tasks range from simple (like shooting down a certain number of zombies, saving enough humans, using a weapon for a certain amount of times or for a certain duration, and so forth). Accomplishing objectives will increase your rank.

Visually Impressive

The thing about games these days is that you do not have to have the highest resolutions or the most polygons onscreen to have great graphics –the best way to impress players in this category: how good the overall composition is. The developers behind Zombie Gunship have been very clever with the visual design. While the User Interface in general looks a little common, the actual combat graphics certainly stand out.

Like military night-cam/surveillance footage, your camera view is in hazy black and white with a bit of noise –it is so well executed that you actually feel like you’re behind the controls of an IRL gunship’s weaponry. The zombies and humans are easy enough to identify (not the case in reality though, even huge structures can be hard to identify properly), which works well with the game. We particularly like the fact that despite the overall lack of details, the monster type zombies have enough visual pizzazz to stand out. The backgrounds have also been created with such amazing realistic textures that helps make the gaming experience truly immersive.

The audio also adds to the coolness of this game. There’s a bit of voice over as central command radios in updates to you –warning you of zombies getting too close to the bunker, informing you that a human has made it safely to the compound, or complimenting you on a successful save of a human from a zombie attack. Add in the SFX of the weapon firing from the gunship, the sound of bullets ripping through the ground, explosions rocking the area, and the ominous sound of zombie’s collective mass moans and you have the ultimate gunship experience.

The Verdict

Limbic Games zombie shooter promises to put you on a gunship, have you shooting at zombies, and all the while have plenty of fun. It certainly delivers. Since the game is already a paid app, there is not much pressure to get the in-game purchases (you can farm credits just by playing missions). All in all, this is a great balanced game. The graphics are absolutely immersive, the gameplay is seriously addictive and satisfying, and the challenge level is perfect for players of all ranges. We give this game a very lucky human survivor’s 94/100.


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Zombie Gunship is developed by Limbic.

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