Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Game Review for Android and iOS

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Manages to Be Fun Despite F2P Pitfalls

It is all too easy for app game developers to rely on the basic staples of F2P games to generate a profit –paywalls, gamebreaking premium content, limiting gameplay options, and basically stuff that just trolls players who cannot be convinced to keep shelling up some cash every single time they play the game. In this kind of game industry, a mobile app like Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is a fresh and welcome break from the norm –all while still delivering a game that is actually quite fun to play. Continue Reading

Release Date: 13/06/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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What is Zombie Diary 2: Evolution?

Zombie Diary 2 is a 2D side scrolling game that pits players against an endless horde of zombies. Each stage has its own unique special objective that must be accomplished in order to clear the stage. These objectives are atypical for sidequests in most games: kill a certain number of enemies, reach a certain distance, prevent enemies from reaching a location, escorting a friendly NPC, and surviving for a certain amount of time. Some missions add a bit of variety by slightly adjusting the requirements (like adding a time limit to a distance-based objective) but for the most part, what you will be getting is a variation of the basics.

Completing a stage will earn the player cash, collectibles, and various consumable items –all of which can be used in order to make their characters more effective in battle. New characters, weapons, powerup items, and temporary power-suits can be purchased with the game’s currencies (both regular and premium).

The F2P Balance

As expected, this free to play game is a little grindy when it comes to earning the right amount of credits in order to buy good weapons. The good thing is that it was designed to be exactly that way. All weapon and character upgrades carry over to any character you pick so there is no such thing as wasted cash. Also, even with the premium weapons, the advancement and progress through the game is still kept to a specific curve –which lessens the divide between players with or without premium items and boosts.

The best thing about the game is that there is no such thing as a stamina or fuel meter –you can play for as much as you want, whenever you want. Other games like this would put a time-based limiter on how many stages you can play in a single sitting, often placing premium requirements for additional rounds of play. Zombie Diary’s straight-to-action style gameplay gives players plenty of chances to experiment and test their characters as much as they would want.

More Zombie Mayhem

Despite being a zombie game, ZD2: Evolution is not a scary game at all. It is playful, fun, and quirky –even kids would likely enjoy playing it. The challenge level is also designed to keep both casual and core gamers substantially satisfied. Anyway, getting back to the scare-factor, this game has absolutely none. So if you were looking for a zombie game with a little more bite, you will want to look at something else.

What this game lacks in fright, it makes up for in fight. Combat is the name of the game and players are armed with all sorts of firearms and melee weapons in order to mow down hordes of zombies. Ranging from samurai swords to laser rifles, players get to choose from a wide variety of weapons. Most of the higher tier weapons are locked at the start of the game –only becoming available for purchase after reaching certain stages or by using premium currency to unlock early.

The 2D stages are well designed with plenty of nice background elements while the characters and the zombies all look like they were done in SD-style line art. The visuals are pretty thematic, making it very clear to anyone looking at the game that it does not take itself too seriously and all the fun to be had is in the action sequences.

If you have already played Guns Girl – School DayZ then the gameplay would be pretty familiar –except for the fact that ZD2 is purely 2D and does not allow the player to move into the foreground or background. Also, the fact that you are able to directly shop for specific weapons and items is a whole

The Verdict: Setting a Good Example

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution makes action fun, provides a sensible upgrade system, and actually makes grinding feel satisfying –three major factors that many F2P app games should consider following. The combat is pretty straightforward and there not much to find in terms of depth or strategy, but this straightforward approach works well with the game’s play and go style of keeping players happy. There are also a wide variety of stages, weapons, and of course, zombie types to keep things interesting for weeks on end.

We discussed some features and a future for the sequel series. You may want to check it out here


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Zombie Diary 2 Evolution is developed by Fellingtouch.

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