World War Z Mobile Game for Android and iOS

World War Z

Featuring 28 visceral levels, intense combat, engaging puzzles, upgradable weapons and armor, and unlimited challenge mode. The World War Z game challenges you: play to survive.

In a race against time, travel the world to rescue your loved ones in the midst of the deadly Zombie pandemic.

Release Date: 30/05/2013

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 3.2/5

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  • Action-packed story-based game
  • Choose between different control schemes to suite your playstyle
  • Over a dozen upgradeable weapons
  • Listen to radio broadcasts and answering machines and read emails of other survivors
  • Replayable challenge mode
  • Chilling tense atmosphere
  • Multiple forms of combat including hand-to-hand and ranged shooting
  • Zombie Hordes


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World War Z is developed by Paramount Digital Entertainment.

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