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The Walking Dead Season 2

Exploring Clementine´┐Żs World in The Walking Dead: Season 2

The Walking Dead: Season 2 starts pretty strong - before the game has even come out, the previous season and the 100 days mini-sode has already laid down a huge foundation for the game. Player-controlled protagonist Clementine has already had her fair share of hardships and traumatic experiences, turning the young child into a capable survivor - which is a good thing since playing as someone who is constantly scared and fretting would be a difficult thing.

What is The Walking Dead: Season 2?

This game is a sequel to the first TWD game -based on a hit comic (made more famous by a TV adaptation), The Walking Dead is about people who survived in a world that has been decimated by a zombie plague. In this world, if you die or are bitten by a zombie, you turn. The Walking Dead games have set themselves apart from the comic by telling a story that runs parallel to the events of the comics or the TV show. While it is basically a different continuity with different characters, it carries the same emotionally charged storytelling style of the other formats. The first season has been regarded highly by critics and fans as a title that has changed the concept of video game storytelling.

The game itself is played as a point and click style adventure –while you normally control the protagonist to move around environments and press action buttons to interact, there are also quick time sequences where players must press context sensitive buttons in order to successfully survive certain challenges.

Most importantly, the player’s actions in the game will determine the fate of the other characters –more often than not, this determines who lives and who dies. Not all decisions are done through a menu however, depending on what you do during certain action sequences, it is also possible that you can affect the fate of the other characters in the story. Continue Reading

Release Date: 17/12/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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From a Child’s Perspective

The first game was told from the perspective of Lee Evans, a fully grown adult who was often looked to by other survivors as a leader figure –the player’s choices in decision making was a critical point for other characters. This time, you get to play as the young Clementine. And while you also get to decide what answers to give and make many of your own decisions –what other people around you do is not as easily affected by what you decide.

This contrast makes for a great new pacing for the game as players must now contend with the limitations that a child has in TWD’s world. People listen do listen to Clementine, but it is obvious that to them, her words (your decisions) are simply that of a child’s. Combat encounters are also quite different for Clem as well. That may sound like a laundry list of things that are problems, but Clementine also has distinct advantages as well. She is able to sneak around and get away with plenty of things that Lee would not be able to. More importantly, since most characters underestimate her, dealing with hostile humans becomes a whole lot simpler.

One distinct theme that persists throughout most of the episodes is the feeling of hopelessness. While this is partially brought on by the fact that Clementine is just a kid, the theme manages to be present by manner of circumstance as well. As one would expect from a zombie-themed game that focuses heavily on emotional drama, even the best laid plans can turn sideways at a moment’s notice; and in a world where pretty much everything around you is hostile –hardly any plan can even come close to being well laid.

Cel Shaded Awesome

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead share the exact same graphic quality –and we love it. The game makes use of cel shaded 3D visuals for all characters and much of the environment. Now, the normal trend for video game graphics is to constantly up the ante by increasing the polygon count on the models or going for hi-res textures. But that would actually be counter-productive to making TWD look good. The reason for this is that the current visuals capture the art style of the comics. Simply put, this game is faithful to the source material and we would not want it any other way. The great thing about cel shaded 3D is that the edges are much more defined, and it captures the line art that many fans love. Color-wise, sure the comics are in black and white –but that does not translate well for a game, at least the palette used in the games follow the ones used for the cover art.

It is not all about the visuals though. Much props has been earned by the motion capture team and the scriptwriting. The dialogue and actions of the characters will bring you into the game’s storyline –and you will really feel the weight of responsibility with every decisions you make as you start investing emotions into the characters that you meet in the game.

The Verdict: Don’t Miss It

If you have not played The Walking Dead Season 2 yet, we highly suggest picking up a copy as soon as you can. This is one gaming experience that will give you edge of your seat gaming. This is not some high-speed action-fest, but an emotional rollercoaster with a massive serving of horror, and it works. The zombies are uber-creepy, the greedy and dangerous humans are menacing, and you fear for the lives and safety of all the NPCs you end up liking. It also goes without saying that if you never played the first season, start with that.



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The Walking Dead Season 2 is developed by Talltale Games.