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The Last Driver

In a world ravaged by Nuclear Annihilation, Zombie Apocalypse and Alien Invasion there’s only one way to drive: fast and dangerously! As The Last Driver you must career through a ravaged cityscape blasting zombies out of the way with an arsenal of car mounted cannons. This is not ‘Drivers Ed’ this is Survival! Continue Reading

Release Date: 30/08/2012

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Enjoy Apocalyptic Vehicular Mayhem in The Last Driver

If you are a fan of the Mad Max and Death Race movies, then the vehicles of the Last Driver will certainly appeal to your design aesthetics. And if you love fast-paced post-apocalyptic action, even better;Last Driver successfully brings the two awesome elements together to create a game that is exciting, highly detailed, yet extremely easy to play. This game has you blazing past an eye-catching display of dangers ranging from molten lava, gigantic boulders, falling buildings, exploding cars, raging T-Rex's, and tons and tons of zombies!

No Time to Stare

When you are strapped into the driver's seat of a car escaping the madness of the end of the world, it really is not an option to stop and stare at all the mayhem happening around you. There is plenty of debris on the roads, smashed barricades, overturned cars, broken bridges, and so much more. The visual elements fill and clutter the screen at every moment and there really is not much time for the player to catch their breath -which is exactly how a game like this should feel. You are on the edge of your seat the whole run and a moment's hesitation can bring you to that game over screen. It is simple, raw, and utterly satisfying when played this way.

Speaking of dangers, there are also buildings that are crashing down, meteors falling from the sky, and well, creatures that are literally out to get you. There is no real back story to the game. After all, it would utter madness to make logic out of a world that is being destroyed by both natural and fictional causes. All you really need to do is to focus on surviving and enjoy the game.

How to Survive

As a touch screen game, Last Driver's controls are both simple and compact. It may be surprising to some, but this game does not make use of accelerometer based controls. Gone is the clumsy screen tilting that is present in other driving games. Instead, you get simplified left and right paddles, one button for jump, and one button to attack. Jumping in this game will send your car flying up for quite a bit -more than enough to cover long distances and avoid dangerous obstacles (except when you are in a tunnel -where the ceiling will force your car back down prematurely). Shooting fires the main gun of your vehicle. The shots are more than enough to dispatch of regular enemies like the mutants and the zombies, but for dealing with the larger baddies (such as the Tyrannosaurus and the giant robots), you will need the guns on the better vehicles.

Aside from being a glorified running game, Last Driver is also an upgrade game. Each run earns you a certain amount of coins based on the number of coins you collected, the enemies you have defeated, and the distance you have completed. Coins can also be earned by accomplishing special objectives (each set of three earns you a reward). These coins can then be used for upgrading your vehicle. You can choose to upgrade the stats of your existing vehicle or you may opt to save up plenty to buy the next type of vehicle. Regardless of your choice, the game is made a lot easier to play if you have a properly.

The cost of buying a new car is really expensive -so it is recommended to invest in your initial vehicle first. No need to max out all the stats, but it would be good to add a bit to the jump capacity, tire stat (for stability), and maybe a little for the ammunition. This will help out a lot when it comes to fulfilling the various side objectives that will, in turn, earn you more coins.

It Really Looks Like the End of the World

We have seen some pretty impressive graphics on the tablet -and Last Driver is not quite at that level yet. Nervertheless, the visuals in the game are still impressive. As basic as the 3D models may be, the textures are nicely made and the animations have all been done with a pretty good polish. The end result is a game that is not only fun to play but is also good to look at. There are plenty of graphic details that will fill up your screen as you drive. Buildings will fall and collapse -you will have to find a safe way through. Gigantic boulders roll in from the left of the screen and it will take careful maneuvering so you do not get squished. Narrow bridges are full of broken cars, falling meteors and exploding zombies. Naturally, you will also need to steer clear of other cars that will come out of nowhere.

Power ups, gold coins, and access ramps are pretty easy to spot and distinguish despite the chaos that constantly unfolds onscreen which makes the game a lot easier to play. The backgrounds are pretty scenic -taking you through destroyed cities and over snow capped highways (the game also represents a winter-apocalypse among other possible disasters). While you cannot veer off-course, the obstacles will always randomize in appearance and pattern so that the game is a lot less repetitive that it may seem.

Premium Content

Last Driver is basically a running game that has the visuals of a death race simulation. But it is a recipe for a great game -and the developers certainly delivered with regards to that. It is exciting to play and each run is quite satisfying. However the question still remains: are the coins worth purchasing? Our answer: yes, but only once. Buy enough to get the spy car (the most powerful one in the set). Sure, it will cost you a bit, but once you have this car, you can use up whatever rewards you get for upgrades. So to recap: this game is worth a one-time purchase to get the best car. There is no point trying to spend money for the smaller items since it would just be redundant -and besides, once you have the best car in-game, it helps having something you can actually aim for as opposed to simply having all stats raised to max.

The Verdict

This is a fun game by Chillingo, and many of us found this more enjoyable than other running titles like Temple Run. And while that may sound like an odd game to compare to, the game mechanics of Last Driver a lot closer to than an actual racing game like Namco's Ridge Racer or EA's Need for Speed. Nevertheless the apocalyptic destruction derby that this game serves up sets it on par with many other great action titles for tablet gamers. If you have been looking for a great action game that is quick to pick up and play, you cannot go wrong with the Last Driver. We give this game a rocket launching giant robot's 90/100


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The Last Driver is developed by Chillingo.

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