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Resident Evil Degeneration

Based on the recently released CG-animated movie of the same name, Resident Evil: Degeneration uses a true 3D engine to immerse players into this 3rd-person survival horror shooter. Explore Harvardville Airport, rescue survivors, unlock puzzles and battle an army of undead. Use your in-game PDA to collect intel, manage inventory and access maps. Continue Reading

Release Date: 12/05/2009

Available on: iOS

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Resident Evil Degeneration Mobile App Game Review: Hardcore Goes Lite

Gamers will be quick to recognize the Resident Evil name. And for those of you who are more familiar with mobile platform gaming, the brand is still bound to ring a bell. Resident Evil: Degeneration is an impressive little app that pulls in many good elements about the hardcore game series then mixes it all up to make it fit for a touch screen device. So far, we have come to love and appreciate the effort that Capcom has given to create this completely new game. However, there are still a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out.

Terminal Insanity

The Resident Evil: Degeneration game is set during the events of the CG movie, with players in control of Leon (lead protagonist of Resident Evil 2 and 4). Claire Redfield also appears in the movie but plays no part in the game itself. The main plot of the game revolves around a zombie outbreak in an airport –which makes up the first parts of the Degeneration movie. This makes the game and the movie part of the canonical storyline (as opposed to the live action films which are considered to be non-canon, or simply put, not a part of the Resident Evil game continuity).

The game is divided into several chapters and to get past each chapter, you must accomplish a small set of objectives and bring Leon to a designated exit point. It is all pretty straight forward though expect to do a bit of back-and-forth exploration as you hunt the maps for key items that will let you progress the story.

Touch and Go

The touch controls lend themselves well to the slow and careful of RE: Degeneration. The game takes on a third person view with tank controls –it feels a little clumsy at first, trying to incorporate turning with forward and back commands, but after a while it becomes easier to do. Aiming is done by tapping on the button to begin combat mode –in this mode, you cannot move much, but you will be able to aim your shots carefully.

As with all RE games, ammunition is limited, so try to get headshots when you can and practice the use of the melee attack. The range for melee is short and the attack animation is slow, so timing is the key to using this. Once you do master the melee combat, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage the enemies in melee as opposed to wasting your bullets.

That said, the game is pretty decent when it comes to farming credits. You can upgrade weapons in order to improve their performance. But try to budget your upgrades and prioritize important weapon details first. Guns with lots of ammunition and good firepower will benefit the most from faster reload times. On the other hand, weapons that shoot fast could do well with a bit of a damage boost.

Weapons are Fun

Admittedly, the upgrade system has to be the most fun feature of this game –you can increase various stats of your guns depending on your preference. Of course, our suggestion is to provide upgrades to what matters most –stats that complement a gun’s base feature.

The Magnum and the Riot Shotgun are going to be your best friends near the end of the game, so be sure to have an ample supply of gold by the end in order to increase reload speed and ammunition capacity. As for firepower, there is not much to add actually –sure the extra damage helps, but if you are short on cash, just focus on increasing the reload and capacity first.

The TMP is one of the fastest guns in the game, however, providing it with a firepower upgrade is a bit of a waste –it only adds a measly 2 points of extra damage (other guns get 10 or more damage points per upgrade level). The best thing to do with this is to provide it with a reload upgrade.

The rifle is a good sub gun if you are not too keen on the Magnum. Depending on how you play, this has the potential to be the most accurate weapon in the entire game (and considering the fact that you need to aim at specific spots on boss creatures, that helps a lot). Firepower and reload speed are the order of the day for this handy weapon –particularly reload speed, as maxing it to level three practically halves the amount of time you need. If you are hard pressed for credits, the rifle is about half the price of the Magnum (1500 compared to 3000). For 3000, you can buy the rifle then have enough left to upgrade ammo and reload fully.

While some of you may be tempted to get the Punisher gun early on, skip it. It costs 1000 credits and the upgrade from the original gun is not that much, and you are better off investing 500 for the basic shotgun.

Still a Mobile Game

As fun as Resident Evil is, Degeneration is still a mobile game and is thus subject to the limitations of the device. Since the game is pretty old, the graphics are pretty outdated and are easily outclassed by even the Playstation Portable. That said;it still looks nice if you do not mind having to deal with rough textures and slightly flat backgrounds.

Also, the controls are a little clumsy so spend some time at the start of the game to get some practice done. Quick turning is one of the biggest banes of the game, so try to get used to the control scheme. Switching between firing mode and walking mode also tends to screw up the controls if you accidentally tap on the screen, so yes, a lot of practice goes a long way in this game.

The tilt and shake functions are nice and interesting, but they get tiring fast. Basically, you tilt your device to reload your gun. Shaking is used to, well, "shake off" zombies that are trying to bite you. The first few times you do it feels quirky and fun. But as you progress deeper into the game, it becomes a little annoying and a tad bit too gimmicky.

The Verdict

For a first try effort, Resident Evil: Degeneration was a pretty solid effort from the developers at Capcom. After all, how do you actually fit so much content and proper gameplay into a mobile device right? But the bottom line is that this game is dated, and unless you are a real fan of the series, you might want to invest your time in another game.

Now, if you did play the original RE games and loved them, then there is no reason for you to pass on this one. Sure, the game is a whole lot shorter that other RE titles, but how many of those can you play on the go? Degeneration still manages to integrate some of the nice control features found in RE:4 and it even does a few throwbacks to the older games. The most important part is that it actually links up with the CS movie and the main storyline of the games. Leon fans will also be pleased that this zombie hunting agent is still packing all of his unique melee moves in the game (a feature that delighted us a lot).

Resident Evil: Degeneration is certainly worth a purchase for those who are fans of the series, the controls are cleverly designed to incorporate touch screen and mobile features, the graphics feel so much like the older PS1 releases and the story manages to be compelling enough to finish. We give this game a mobile Tyrant's 85/100


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Resident Evil Degeneration is developed by Capcom.

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