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Rebuild for Mobile is as Charming as the Original

Wiping out every single flesh-craving zombie is not enough to make things work in the world of Rebuild –people are people, they get into petty fights, they try to chase after dreams, they can get depressed and run away, and they do the things that people do regardless if the world is gone or not. And Rebuild is the game that makes you in charge of it all. Will you build a bar for recreation or choose a church to create a system of faith? Will you assign more doctors to the hospital or engineers to develop new technologies? Rebuild is the ultimate in resource management and man-power is the ultimate in resources –and that is why this game is very hard to put down.

What is Rebuild?

Rebuild was originally a free browser based Flash game that was later ported over to mobile platforms as a paid app. In the game, the players create their own character which then serves as the ‘mayor’ of a small group of zombie-apocalypse survivors who hold territory over a couple of small city blocks.

The goal of the game is to establish a new human society. To do so, players must slowly expand their territory from block to block –which involves scouting for dangers, then scavenging for resources, and then taking over. This slow and methodical process is made faster with the addition of new members to the group. Eventually players will be able to control larger facilities that will allow them to create a more stable territory thanks to the special functions of the buildings (hospitals allow for healing, banks make great forts, and the city hall allows for the establishment of a proper governing body). Once major goals are met (defeating all zombies in the area, controlling all city blocks, and establishing a government), the game is considered completed.

Upon completion, players are given an option to start in a new city –with the added advantage of having a few veteran survivors from your first game making things easier. Continue Reading

Release Date: 17/11/2011

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Getting to Know You

It is possible to play this game successfully without having to get into the nitty gritty details. Rebuild has a ton of flavor text; basically, additional text-based content that will tell you about the different survivors that join you, the situation of the world and other such random details. You could choose to just focus on the post-turn result summaries and check out how your people did in their assigned tasks from beginning to the end of your campaign. Alternatively, you can also try to learn more about the game world and develop a nice strong attachment for the various characters. This makes the game more interesting to play as you end up having to wrestle with decisions about retraining a camp member to pursue a job class they dream about or force them to do something different in order to suit a specific purpose. While there are no penalties or bonuses either way, it certainly makes the game all the more deeper to play.

This element also makes scouting and zombie-removal missions so much harder –emotionally investing in your characters will make you worry with each foray into unscouted blocks, and each zombie wave warning becomes a critical matter of life and death (though more often than not, your people will just get critically injured and be sent to the hospital or an empty home). The fear factor here is a lot less personal as you take a more back-seat role to the events –unless your base gets overrun on the harder settings then it becomes a truly gripping game experience.

Good Port

What makes this Flash to app conversion work so well are two important things: first is the mouse-reliant gameplay which means that the touch screen interface works well for it (also, big buttons on the original version too –the developer got lucky with future proofing the game). The other great thing is that the original vector graphics was well done and converted quite nicely to the higher resolution app. Most flash games look like incredibly cheap productions, and even the earliest builds of Rebuild has managed to look well done and polished. While we are not really big fans of the high-contrast and slightly goofy artwork, we have to give credit to the polished design of the game.

Another great thing about this app is that it takes plenty of great elements from the standalone version of Rebuild –which adds to the replay value of the game and makes the purchase all the more satisfying.

The Verdict: Paid App is Worth It

The main caveat for flash based games is that they are free to play –sure, there are a few ones with premium content, but for the most part, playing a game on your browser means not having to spend a single penny. So what is the cost of being able to bring that same gaming experience on a mobile? There’s two sides to the argument, but we have no doubt that Sarah Northway’s direct-priced approach with Rebuild works. Sure, you can play the game for free at home or anywhere with a desktop. But having it on mobile makes the game very accessible. There are no free ad-supported versions and no additional paywall-themed content, making this a no-nonsense purchase for anyone who appreciates it. With the innovative gameplay approach to a genre that is filled to the brim with cloned game mechanics, Rebuild feels fresh, strong, and most importantly, fun to play.

Rating: 86/100


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Rebuild is developed by Sarah Northway.

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