Gun Zombie Hellgate Mobile Game for Android and iOS

Gun Zombie Hellgate

25 Realistic Guns:

  • Assault rifle: AK47, AK74, M16A4, M16A4 M320, M4A1, AUG, SCAR-H Foregrip, G36C, P90, BAR, AK-47 Camo
  • Battle rifle: M14EBR, G3A4
  • Shotgun: M1014, SPAS-12, Keltec KSG
  • Sub machine gun: Mini-Uzi, RPD, MP5, Thompson, Vector
  • Pistol: G18, M1911, Desert Eagle

Release Date: 18/06/2012

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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  • Boss Rush' Mode : Test your skill in real hell
  • Hell Gate' Mode : Endless Zombie Attack
  • Various missions by gun type
  • World & Individual Ranking
  • 25 Realistic Guns and simulator
  • 15+ diverse zombie types
  • Upgrade & Customize your guns


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Gun Zombie Hellgate is developed by PNIX Games.

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