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Dead Target Zombie

In 2040, World War 3 happened, country frontier changed, modern warfare advanced to a new era after Minister of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to perform project Dead Target: transform prisoners into super evil combat killers. However CS betrayed and threaten to trigger a zombie outbreak if the president does not follow their order. The age of destruction begins.

Release Date: 26/06/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Epic Effects

  • 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the infection of zombie
  • Ragdoll implemented to bring you the top epic feeling ever
  • Guns have different sound effects to represent their real life versions
  • Various environmental sound to create the best immersive gameplay


  • The zombies come with many forms and abilities
  • The big Boss look like a crazy terminator which hunting you down.
  • Some zombies can be extremely danger with sick virus which can attack in wide range.
  • Sometimes shooting at the head is not the best way, think as a sniper before decide to attack

Weapon & Gadgets

  • Multiple weapon types featured (rifle, shotgun, machine, grenade launcher)
  • Keep ranking up to unlock the deadliest guns and to be true killer
  • Explore modern combat via various strong guns.
  • Can easily get various weapons without farming. 
  • Choosing the right boost will make you the terminator on battlefield like a real shooter.


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Dead Target Zombie is developed by VNG Game Studios.

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