Top 5 Undead PC Games

DayZ Standalone DayZ

We are starting up our list with this open-world, multiplayer, zombie-survival game. Scavenging is the name of the game as you find yourself spawned in a random location in a map that is pretty much the size of a small country. You only objective is to survive –to do so, you must gather food, water, medical supplies, and weapons; all while avoiding the dangers of lurking zombies and other human players. With a fully social game world with almost no rules, this game is as close as you will get to knowing what the world might be like if zombies eventually managed to topple human society. Scariness is trite, as your focus towards survival makes every zombie encounter feel like just another obstacle in your quest to find resources. If anything, the fear that you may never find a way to open a can of food is likely to affect you more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Call of Duty Zombies

While it is so easy to just put Black Ops: Zombies, we have to give a proper shout out to Call of Duty: World at War –the very first CoD game that realized that putting players together in a small house and then overwhelming them with zombie waves makes for a very fun game. It has been many years since that extra mode and there are now CoD games focused on fighting the undead which feature streamlined gameplay, better graphics, and even a whole storyline.

This game more stands out since it provides players with a very straightforward, arcade-like gameplay experience. From the original Zombie mode of WatW, to the Exozombies of Advanced Warfare, to the modern release of Black Ops, there has been plenty of focus on survival and action. If you are an FPS fan who likes shooting zombies, we highly recommend playing this mode or the standalone games.

Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2

The action never stops with Left 4 Dead –and the coop action is bound to keep you coming back for more. This zombie game’s high replay value is thanks to its cooperative mode –no matter how many times you finish it, playing with friends can bring all sorts of new fun each time. Just because you are not alone does not mean the zombies are not scary –L4D’s got a whole host of zombies ranging from shamblers, to runners, to ones that have creepy powers. Given a choice, we highly recommend just playing L4D2 if you have not played either of the two games –the sequel is basically the same exact thing as the original, but with a more polished gameplay system and delivery.

There’s a lot of darkness in these two games –and we meant that literally: your vision will be obscured by the lack of light, or smoke, or fog, and they are all there to hide the brain-eating dangers that lurk in pretty much every corner. Of course, nothing is as scarier as a player’s first encounter with the Witch. It just goes to show that strength in numbers is not always enough to keep things from getting scary.

Grim Fandango Grim Fandango

Just because a game is about the undead, it does not mean you cannot afford to have a few laughs right? Grim Fandango separates itself from the other games on this list for being the only one that is more about heart than anything else. This classic point and click adventure game will have you playing the role of Manny, a reaper of souls who must ensure the safe and relatively happy travels of the departed to afterlife. The music, story, voice acting, an d visual style of this game has aged quite well, and the recent Steam re-release is remarkably great for anyone who missed out on playing the game when it originally came out years ago.

Since the visuals borrow heavily from the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead –particularly with the Calacas-style look of the character models, there is something exquisitely dark and forboding about the overall feel of the game (which is saying a lot for a bunch of boxy character models). This game is an old-school blast to the past for older gamers, but for everyone else, it is a fresh new adventure that gives you a different perspective on the concept of death and the life that awaits beyond it.

Resident Evil Resident Evil HD

Since it is almost the same exact game as the almost two-decade old Playstation classic, the HD Remaster of Resident Evil is definitely a must-have for any true fans of the zombie genre. Simply put, Shinji Mikami’s Biohazard/Resident Evil series kept the genre alive long after Romero’s films did (and well before Kirkman’s TV adaptation brought it into pop culture spotlight). Simply put, Resident Evil is the series that kept people’s fascination with zombies going before anyone could even realize it.

Players control one of two selectable protagonists as they explore a creepy mansion in the outskirts of the city; it has all the makings of an old-school haunted house horror flick complete with all the bloody carnage that zombies bring. Puzzles, B-Movie level dialogue, and a storyline that pretty much set the standard for all sci-fi inclined zombie tales, that is what Resident Evil offers to its’ players. Chances are, many older games will appreciate being able to play the remake. For those who grew up with the newer generation consoles, expect the graphics (particularly, the character models), to look quite boxy and jagged –but don’t expect any of that to curb down this game’s incredible level of cinematic suspense.