The Walking Dead Season 3 Game: Release Date

The Walking Dead Season 3

Scene from The Walking Dead Season 2.

It's Clementine and Alvin Jr. Against the World in The Walking Dead: Season Three

Bridging the Tales

It would be interesting to see how Telltale Games handles the gap between Season Two and Season Three because unlike the first two which had different protagonists, it would be logical to continue Clementine's storyline. There were many different ways in which the last game could have ended, not just because of the nature of the genre but also because of the contrast between the possible choices. Regardless of how they played out, unavoidable deaths are easy to carry over. However the conflict between Kenny and Jane opens a can of worms in terms of continuity. If went with one, then the other is dead. If you didn't go with either, then what happen to Kenny or Jane? Continue Reading

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Robert Kirkan Interview

The most obvious answer here would be that some time has passed in between the two games. Importing saves would change how the introduction plays out but it must end with Kenny or Jane (whoever is left alive) dying to start from scratch, so to speak. Otherwise, it would be harder to weave your past decisions into the new story. An alternative here would be to switch leading roles so that the events of the ending can remain open-ended. Perhaps Clementine can take a back seat to a grown-up Alvin Jr. Seeing her take the parental role just like Lee did when he found her, well. That would make for a pretty epic homage.

Companions, New and Old

Covering who lives and who dies is one thing, dealing with the companions you end up with, that's entirely another story. Did you end up going back to Howe's Hardware? Were you able to find it in your heart to let Patricia, her kid and the guy posing as her husband stay or did you drive them away? Maybe you went to Wellington instead and Kenny was able to convince them to let you stay with the baby. For all you know, the community may just be as bad as Carver's and at full capacity, it's likely to be more dangerous. Christa's fate is also another unknown factor. Would she eventually turn up in Wellington? Could she be the next cameo in Season Three? Whichever path you chose, it would only make sense that it would alter how Clem and Alvin Jr. end up staying with.

The Next 5 Episodes

Of course, being a Telltale Games title, Season Three would likely be episodic. Sticking to the interactive movie-like formula would be something familiar to anyone who has ever played a game from the developer. It would also be the safe choice. Now we're not saying they should add rocket launchers or zombie babies but there are a few ways that they can push the boundaries of the genre. For one thing, adding an investigation segment which dictates whether the correct person is booted out of the group or not would at least give the player a chance to change events to their favor. Instead of simply allocating resources, choosing which gear to keep or leave behind could also control who survives in the group later on in the story. Taking things a step further, players could be privy to the status of each survivor and they could choose which one to keep alive. Hunger could prevent them from securing enough supplies and sleeplessness may affect their judgment. It doesn't have to be like that for the rest of the game but having segments which give players more things to do beyond choosing dialogue choices and quick time events would keep things fresh.

That being said, there's no denying that Telltale Games has done a wonderful job with the first two graphic adventure games. Having Season Two end on such a dramatic note only makes us even more excited for Season Three. Fingers crossed, it's going to be even more intense.

Release Date: To be released in 2016. Exact date yet to be confirmed.