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Plague Inc Evolved

Plague Inc. Evolved Makes Epidemic Simulations Fun

The original Plague Inc. was a simple browser based flash game that delved in to the what-if scenario of creating a super-virus that would be able to wipe out humanity. Plague Inc. Evolved takes the original even further and creates complete gaming experience that brings all the great original elements back into play and adds some rather challenging new things for everyone to enjoy. Players can unlock a wide range of carriers ranging including bacteria, spores, viruses, and even nanomachines. Going beyond the flash game's challenge, players must now be able to wipe out humanity on top of being able to spread the sickness all over the world while dealing with all sort of new features like mutations, unique genes, and global anti-sickness measures making the game all the more exciting to play. Continue Reading

Release Date: 20th February 2014

Available on: Mac, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.75/5

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Delivery: Careful Anarchy

Presented in a sleek stylized world-view user interface, the game's disconnected approach makes the effort of eradicating a planet of an entire species feel a lot less violent and a lot more ‘evil scientist'. This is a good thing since the game is not particularly condoning any directly untoward actions towards other human beings and parents will be able to see this game more of a brain exercise (thanks to the highly strategic nature and overall scientific theme of the game) and less of a Bond-villain simulation.

The menus are presented in the extra-neat, hyper-modern look you would expect to see in a science fiction film, complete with pop-up tabs and hex grids that give that creepy lab-monitor feel to everything. The overall red hue also makes the whole “biological-hazard virus” environment constantly alive.

Mechanics: Planning and Action

Spreading your disease is going to take planning and skill as you balance the way it is transmitted (it has to spread easily), how it handles environments and medicine (a bacteria that is prone to die out in extreme climates will not be effective), while ensuring that it still has the ability to actually kill people (if the only thing your sickness can do is give headaches, you will not be getting any fatalities).

Of course, the more fatal the sickness is, the more likely people will take notice and take measures to stop the spread of infection as well as find ways to counteract the sickness. Travel from and to countries can be halted and governments will certainly devote resources developing cures against highly fatal diseases.

Awesome Factor: Bringing the End of Days

Watching the world slowly grow red as onscreen prompts display the rate of infection is nothing short of satisfying, and the way the game presents it all is pretty splendid to see. There are no clips of corpses or sick people; instead, players get to read news tickers highlighting major events happening in the world. At first, the news focuses on basic stuff like an upcoming Olympics or a small environmental disaster. As your disease spreads, the ticker starts reading out useful stats such as how many people you have infected, or how many countries your are spreading to –and later, your disease takes on (and hopefully, surpasses) the milestones of other dangerous plagues and sicknesses that happened in the real world.

The Verdict: A Thinking Man's Game

Plague Inc. Evolved is a niche title that actually caters to quite a diverse range of players. Whether you are just curious, a fan of disease/outbreak scenarios, wanting to use it for a study or research, a fan of well-written games that focus on text content instead of visuals, or just want to see what trying to destroy the world through sickness is like, then you should certainly give the game a try. With its' amazing main game content and plenty of extras bumping up the replay value to pretty good heights, this is a game that is certainly worth having in your library.

Rating: 93/100


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Plague Inc Evolved is developed by Ndemic Creations .