Organ Trail Directors Cut Game Review

Organ Trail Directors Cut

Organ Trail: Director's Cut Shows That Dysentery is Just as Dangerous as Zombies

Organ Trail is one massive roadtrip that zombie fans should not miss out on. With its' old-timey graphics (hey, it is based on the old school Oregon Trail after all), intricate gameplay mechanics, and survivor management-style of playing, it is hard to go wrong with this game. The world is in utter ruins and the only way to escape the massive nuclear blasts heading the way of cities too overrun by zombies is to get in your car and travel as far as you can, and with the promise of Safe Haven literally on the other side of the continent, it will be one long and dangerous trek for you and your entire party. Continue Reading

Release Date: 19th November 2013

Available on: Linux, Mac, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.45/5

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Gameplay: The Trail of Goodies

In Organ Trail, players create their own basic survivor (basically, you give the character a name), and name up to four more random NPCs as well who will be travelling with you. Together, the player party boards a station wagon and sets off for the west, trying to get past every single obstacle in their way, undead or otherwise. As you travel, you get to encounter various events, randomized situations, and an assortment of towns offering players several ways to either get more supplies or put themselves at risk.

World: Cars, Towns, People

While the undead are a constant danger, players have to look out for a variety of important factors. Food, fuel, and ammunition are very important as each allow the players to keep on continuing their travels (while ammunition is not consumed when you travel, you still need plenty of it to fight off zombies while scavenging or when taking on jobs). This means keeping an eye on the health of your entire party as well as maintaining your car.

Speaking of which, the station wagon is your only means of transport –if it breaks down, it is up to you to fix it. This means having the necessary batteries, spare tires, and other parts on hand when something goes bust –or having enough cash or supplies to trade for the pieces you need should you ever run out.

Towns offer the players various chances to purchase items, car parts, and maybe even learn a skill or two. Those who are looking to do something productive can take part in jobs that have a chance or earning some money –as long as you succeed doing it. Some jobs can be quite dangerous, and more often than not, the pay is not necessarily in proportion to the difficulty of the job (though you may still want to risk the rewards if you are desperate enough for it).

While players do stop at every major city or key location, you can choose to stop the car at any point in time in order to set up camp. While this is not always recommended, you may want to do so in order to use a medikit or have your party get some rest in order to regain HP. This is also a good time to repair the station wagon in case you forgot to do so at the last town you were in.

Delivery: Nothing Like Old School

The game shakes things up by providing players with a wide range of job types as well as randomized road encounters. This is great since it keeps the game from being repetitive and predictable. It also adds a certain sense of randomized danger to the game. Certainly, not all things that happen are good –some are just outright devastating such as suddenly having a party member go out of the car for a quick pee-break only to never return. While that may seem a little unfair, it actually adds more charm to the game.

The Verdict: More Than the Ending

Getting to the game's final destination and seeing the end credits scroll by is one thing, but Organ Trail offers players a lot of game content such as an endless mode that provides various start-up scenarios (and player-determined penalties or bonuses). The main quest itself has a lot of things to enjoy, though you may want to play it safe the first time around. This approach makes Organ Trail such a great game to have ready at any time –sure you will not want to play it over and over again for hours on end. But it is the kind of game that you will want to keep coming back to every now and then.

Rating: 90/100


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Organ Trail Directors Cut is developed by The Men Who Wear Many Hats.