Fallout 4 Weapons Guide, Tips, Wiki

weapons in Fallout 4

We will be updating this page shortly once Fallout 4 has been released and we have had a chance to delve into the world of weapon crafting and monster killing. Below we talk about what was announced for weapons at E3 by Bethesda.

This page won't just feature a guide on crafting weapons, but it will be a cross between that and how to use weapons in the world of Fallout 4 against different enemies you will encounter.

Ample Variety of Weapons

Fallout 4 will feature more than an ample supply of base weapons in the game plus 700 different modifications that can be applied leading to a huge variety of combinations to create real badass weapons, which we will be discussing in our upcoming crafting and building guide.

Modifications can be done by obtaining everyday materials from around the Fallout world, what can seem the tiniest most futile of materials in the game will still be useful, everything has a purpose in Fallout 4. Weapon enhancements can be anything from scope improvements to scattershot or focused targeting enhancements.

Checkout the Krating System Demo Video from Bethesda

If you want to skip the building demonstration in the video then the weapon part starts at 3mins 13 seconds.