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weapon crafting system in Fallout 4

We will be adding a crafting guide shortly for Fallout 4 when it is released. You can find out more about Fallout 4's crafting and modifications systems below...

Weapon Crafting System

Fallout 4 will allow you to craft different weapons from scratch using every day objects in a highly realistic engineering module in the game. Starting out with 50 base weapons in the game you will be able to apply over 700 modifications and enhancements to those weapons. This allows a much deeper level of experimentation in the game with the most fun part being to test your new weapons out on bad guys and monsters.

Just to give you a few examples of what crafting can do to your weapons a laser pistol can become:

  • Laser Pistol
    • Long Laser Pistol
      • Laser Rifle
        • Scattered Laser Rifle
          • Scattered Automatic Laser Rifle
        • Focused Laser Rifle
          • Focused Sniper Laser Rifle
        • Targeting Laser Rifle
          • Targeting Sniper Laser Rifle
          • Targeting Automatic Laser Rifle

Or the pipe pistol:

  • Pipe Pistol
    • High Capacity Pipe Pistol
    • Glow Sighted Pipe Pistol
      • Glow Sighted Pipe Rifle
    • Pipe Rifle
      • Bayoneted Pipe Rifle
      • High Capacity Pipe Rifle
      • Compensated Pipe Rifle
      • Muzzled Pipe Rifle
      • Tactical Pipe Rifle

Automatic Plasma Rifle, Compensated Automatic Assault Rifle, Tactical Junk Jet you name it Fallout 4 will no doubt have it.

Also melee weapons such as a baseball bat can be enhanced with the crafting system leading to seriously bad ass whacking weapons such as the Chain Wrapped or Bladed Aluminium Baseball Bat.

Armor Crafting System

It doesn’t stop at weapons; your power armour can be enhanced in many different ways targeting specific parts of the armour’s body.

Building Crafting System

building crafting system in Fallout 4

Buildings follow weapons in crafting, scrap existing materials and if you so wish your entire home and build a new one exactly how you want it in Fallout 4's new build a home option. Trade with new arrivals in town to acquire useful and unique goods all of whom will have something to enhance your base and goals.

Build power grids, a weapon defense mechanism such as turrets so you can defend against raiders looking to steal your resources. In essence this is pure minecraft functionality inserted into specific parts of Fallout 4 yet what you can build looks a damn site better and goes with the post apocalyptic theme.

Checkout the Krating System Demo Video from Bethesda