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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2: Not Quite an Island

Game publisher Deep Silver is back with another Dead Island title. And while the developer for the first game is no longer working on the sequel, the few teaser trailers and promotional content have been promising. So far, it seems like the next chapter of what happens to the immune survivors of the first game will be carried on. The second is the players will be introduced into a different kind of zombie-infested world: one where living humans see opportunity instead of calamity. Continue Reading

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A Cue from Spinoffs

Dead Island 2 seems to be taking a big step in the direction of Epidemic -a free-to-play multiplayer Steam game where the player controls characters who are just enjoying the thrill of defeating zombies. The game is not about survival or escaping the undead hordes, it is about killing zombies faster than you currently do and getting more and more weapons and gear in order to be even more efficient.

This new-frontier style approach to the zombie genre is not all that common -most games focus mostly on the survival aspects instead. Dead Island 2 seems like it is going to be doing the same thing, though this leaves us wondering what kind of story the game will be taking.

Expect to see combat moving back to the old FPS style mechanics of the first game -but hopefully the developers decide to provide players with a functional third person perspective as it makes melee combat (a major factor in Dead Island) so much more intuitive.

Rage and Power

Dead Island: Riptide has already shown players that the virus in this game can do more than turn people into zombies. The bizarre mutations can either completely erase a person's sanity or simply act as a way for regular people to turn into super-powerful fighters. The rage-system is reported to be making a comeback in Dead Island 2, which means that using the virus as a way to become stronger will be a more accepted thing for the game's characters and that we should expect to see it used by both the protagonists and whatever shady organization seems to be behind the outbreaks.

Loose Ends

It is unlikely that Dead Island 2 serves as a culminating chapter to the franchise's storyline, though we do hope that some issues are eventually addressed. Most particularly, the whole thing with Charon/Kevin, who pretends to be an ally in the first game but is ultimately manipulating events to further his own agenda -of course, that does not even scratch the surface of the mystery behind the mysterious global organization Charon is trying to take down. And that's just the first game -the events of Riptide, and Escape also have plenty of new questions for players too.

So far, it is not confirmed how the events of Epidemic will play into the story's canon, but with Sinamoi being part of the F2P game's main cast, it is likely that Epidemic's events will run parallel to the chronology of the other Dead Island Games.

Release Date: To be released in 2016. Exact date yet to be confirmed.


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