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The Not-So-Ordinary Work Environment of Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

While it would be easy to chalk up Corporate Lifestyle Simulator as just ‘another zombie game', it really is not. While the gameplay itself offers very little in terms of innovation to the genre, the humor alone is more than worth it. As expected, this game is filled to the brim with office-based humor. From corporate brown-nosing, to endless memos, and the all-too-expected bizarre policies that just have to be implemented; anyone who has been in a corporate environment is sure to appreciate the type of humor found in this game. But as a game, CLS is anything that the title actually suggests. This game is all about smashing and blowing up stuff (and zombies), it is sheer mindless fun, with plenty of well written jokes. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25th February 2014

Available on: Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.4/5

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Everything Bleeds

This game is all about using your weapons and surviving. Sure you can ‘rescue' other office workers who have yet to turn into zombies. But for the most part, players simply need to concentrate on being able to cause as much damage to the stage as they can. No need to keep the living NPCs alive –once you rescue them, they are already counted in your overall score.

Getting through a mission is done by achieving one of two things: completely eradicating all the zombies on the stage or by stepping into a designated exit. And yes, it goes without saying that killing all the zombies is the more fun way to do things.

Occasionally, the player is accompanied by a unique NPC that offers a substantial amount of help in the form of additional firepower –though the game pattern is that the new NPC will die in the next stage and you get to try out the new weapon for yourself. Lastly, when you are not destroying entire office floors or parking lots while rescuing (presumably) underpaid and overworked employees, you will be fighting off bosses –literally. The player-character (named “Dude”) will be fighting against super-powered zombie executives in hilarious boss fights that mostly involve a lot of circle strafing and well-time dodging.

Players get a wide range of weapons that offer melee and long ranged options –the game starts you out with a few basic melee items but slowly introduces the more efficient long ranged items as the game progresses. All the while players will be given absolute freedom on to bash or shoot everything in sight: zombies, desks, cubicles, filing cabinets, computers, parked cars, literally everything. And some things blow up too (especially the cars), which is not only effectively damaging to enemies, but also satisfying to do. The amount of environmental mayhem you cause has no adverse effect on the gameplay which makes it all the more fun to do.

As fun as all that sounds, there's also a good reason why smashing up inanimate objects –and we will not spoil the story for you any further though, at least know this: even the floors of the office bleed.

Turn Up the Volume

The irony of this game is that if you want to fully enjoy all the narrative cut scenes, you will have to turn up the audio –which means unless your office does not mind you wearing earphones, this is not going to be fun to play at work. Anyway, the dialogue is delivered in voice clips without subtitles, so expect to spend the time in in-between story bits trying to figure out what the characters are talking about. It is worth the effort at least, as the jokes are funny and there's an actual story to be found.

Simplified Gameplay

The game is played with twin stick mechanics –players use a keyboard for movement and and the mouse for aiming. Weapon switching is done with the mousewheel or the number keys. This simple control scheme makes the game pretty easy to learn even for newbie players –so yes, if you are a deskwork-junkie trying out this game to let out a little office-related steam, you can still play it without much difficulty.

While the game's generally casual approach may seem like it is without challenge, the later levels do offer a sense of danger with stronger zombies and unique enemies. While the main focus of the game never really changes from overwhelming everything with ridiculously damaging weapons, players with a little more gaming experience will still find something satisfying in terms of difficulty.

Verdict: Better Than a Trip to HR

Going back to the whole zombie-genre, Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is a lot less gore and fright, and a lot more on jokes about work. The interesting gameplay in between the start-of-stage jokes pales in comparison to actually wanting to know what is going on in this crazy office. Those looking for something serious or thought provoking would easily be able to tell from the game's title that this is not your typical zombie game. At the same time, if you are one of the many disgruntled employees who think that a corporate career is indeed zombifying, then this is a game you will want to play.

Rating: 85/100


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Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is developed by bignic - Dolphin Barn.