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Allison Road

In Allison Road you will take on the role of the unnamed protagonist, who wakes up one day without any recollection of prior events. Over the course of five nights it is your objective to uncover the whereabouts of your family, unravel the mysteries of the house, and face off against Lily and other dark entities that are nested deep within its walls, while the clock is relentlessly ticking towards 3:00am.

What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark in the safety of your own home? If you couldn't tell what's real and what's not?

The single-player campaign will mostly take place in one British townhouse. Your British townhouse.

Release Date: The developers are currently aiming for end of Q3 2016.

Available on: Linux, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.3/5

Allison Road: P.T. Spiritual Successor Revived

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VR Support

Allison Road is built with Unreal Engine 4, so it will have native VR support. Currently, however we are only testing it with an Oculus Rift DK2.


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Allison Road is developed by Lilith Ltd.