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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is More than Zombie Minecraft

It is hard to fully a gauge what a game should be when the developers outright state that it is in an "alpha" stage of development -but since we now live in a day and age where you can start paying retail prices for a product that has not gotten close to beta testing, we are giving the very rudimentary 7 Days to Die a good grilling: and from our initial tests, it is heating up pretty well. The gameplay is amusing, the build mechanics are in the right direction, and with a whole lot of spit and polish, this can be one very great game -well, someday, but not today. Today, it is a good game, but one that deserves your time if post-apocalyptic zombies are your thing. Continue Reading

Release Date: 13th December 2013

Available on: Linux, Mac, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.5/5

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Delivery: A Work in Progress

While this is certainly not the only game in alpha build that we have played, it is certainly one that looks the part. Much of the game's visuals are still out of sync; the properly modeled environmental elements clash heavily with the voxel-style items (which are present because of the game's crafting process), character animations are stiff, the lighting effects are over-simplified, and most of the textures are pretty dull and flat. That is however, very acceptable -at this stage anyway. Currently, the developers are focused on inserting more gameplay content, so we seriously doubt that any of these aesthetic issues will be addressed anytime soon. So for the record, DayZ still looks better than this. Once a more final build of 7DTD comes out however, that might change (hopefully).

Gameplay: Day and Night

It may not have the best graphics, but it certainly offers plenty of gameplay; 7 Days to Die brings together all the fun parts of zombie survival games and adds in a few great extras. As expected, you will want to scavenge for supplies (maps are preset, but item spawns are randomized -fortunately, it is not that hard to get decent stuff) so that you can craft and build. Crafting items and weapons will help you with plenty of tasks (such as building big things or for killing zombies), while building is a key part of the game as acquiring a good defensible position is something you will not want to do without.

The first time night falls on any player is a revelation to the game's true form; zombies stop shambling about and starting chasing you down like rabid and feral monsters. And if you spent your day getting good weapons and a safe place to hope up in, you will want to camp out there for the night. And by safe we meant barricaded: zombies will try to break down doors and more just to get to you. Playing with other players is all the more fun because of this: the building and scavenging tasks can be split up and more things can get done faster.

Combat is still in a very primitive state in this game, but at least it is tweaked to the player's advantage. At the game's default settings, zombies are not that hard to put down (3 good punches in the head will work), so unless you are really unlucky and get into a bad situation during the day or have been unable to secure a fort for a night, dying is not going to happen so much.

The Verdict: 7 Days to Play

At the moment, there is plenty of interesting content in the game and most of it will be creations by other players. Much like Minecraft, the option to farm raw materials and build your own structures is something most players cannot resist playing around with and some servers have pretty interesting creations. Of course, not all player interactions will be fun, but the game is infinitely more amusing when you connect to another server or open up your own maps for other players to join.

Our Rating: 84/100


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7 Days to Die is developed by The Fun Pimps.