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We love Earn to Die so much and couldn't wait for Earn to Die 2 to be released that we thought we would create a little guide helping you out with a few pointers on the original game.

We will of course be writing a review on Earn to Die 2 (or 2012 if you like) very shortly now that NotDoppler has released it.

The Best Way to Escape in Earn to Die

In terms of game titles, Earn to Die is one of the least aptly named. But putting that aside, the game is solid in many other aspects -such as controls and gameplay. In fact the gameplay is more than just solid, it is actually fun and addictive. Most new players may be put off by the slower grinding of the initial vehicle made available in the game, veterans to the genre on the other hand will immediately see the potential of the game.

The Main Point

There are plenty of ways to approach this game, and depending on how you go about your upgrades (and you must purchase upgrades), one way or another, you will eventually make it out to the end of the game. The question that truly matters is, how fast can you do it? Each attempt to drive out that 3000 required kilometers over sandy terrain littered with zombies will take you a full day in-game. This means that the day count literally numbers the amount of times you tried, and failed to make it to the finish line. This is a challenge even for the toughest cars, and you will be making yours the toughest of all.

To do in record time, you need to take note of certain things and most importantly, you need to remember that the game has a restart function. Indeed, you could already be out there, midway through your attempt, when you bog something up. Either it is about accidentally wasting gas, taking too long tackling zombies, getting stuck on the boxes -there are plenty of things that can go wrong and would waste a perfectly good run. In order to take full advantage of the possible earnings you can make in each attempt use the restart function to do it all over again. Sure, it is a bit time consuming, and not everyone has the time to grind, but if you are after a record time, then this is the most important thing to keep practicing.

Also, another great thing about the restart function is that it will enable new players to get a feel of driving without having to waste the first few days. If done properly, one can maximize earnings and save up for the second tier van in as early as the first 8 days -some claim to do it faster, but we will not push you that hard.

Know Your Upgrades

All vehicles have 6 parts that can be upgraded, knowing all 6 and what they do is very important, since you would know what not to waste money on and which ones to focus on first.

  • Gas Tank - this is probably one of the most important car parts that you should upgrade before anything else. The gas tank literally dictates how long you can keep the engine running. No matter how good the engine is or how fast your transmission can accelerate the car, not having any gas means you will be stuck in the middle of the desert going nowhere fast. With that said, gas does not have to be refilled. Once you increase the tank size, you start each driving attempt with a full tank, so better make that tank as high capacity as possible. For the last car, some players have stated that the boost fuel is actually cheaper than gas -which is pretty much true, so if you are good at using the rocket boost, you can choose to fill that up first, though we honestly prefer focusing on the gas tank ourselves.
  • Transmission - your gears determine how fast the wheels of your car spin, basically, this is your acceleration. Acceleration counts a lot when you have been slowed down by jumps, bumps, boxes and zombies. Once you reach the top speed of a car, acceleration start becoming less functional than maximum speed. That's a big concern for most racing games, but not here -where there are plenty of things that will slow you down big time, being able to get from slow to fast is ultimately more important than increasing how fast your car can truly get. Also, the transmission upgrades are often cheaper than the engine, so they really are worth upgrading over the engine all the more.
  • Tires - your tires provide traction and leverage for the vehicle you are driving. And every upgrade will increase the size of the wheels on your car. Bigger wheels means being able to go over obstacles much easier (also, better tire to ground instances for maintaining speed). Our tip is that once you have the gas tank full, upgrade both the transmission and tires immediately. With big tires, it is also much easier for players to pull off wheelies -which are important for taking down zombies without suffering so much slowdown. Do note that having bigger tires also increases the chances of accidentally tipping over, so be sure to keep a hand ready to tilt your car forward or backward as needed.
  • Engine - the engine on your car will dictate the maximum speed that the vehicle can have. Without a doubt, this sounds like one of the best upgrades you can buy (it is certainly among the most expensive for all cars), but the fact of the matter is that your top speed is not really your most important concern. At best, you can reach the top speed of your car during that initial downward run at the very start of the stage -gaining plenty of momentum that you are likely to lose several slopes later on. Still, having a good engine helps as it allows you to maintain a good average speed for the most part of the game. Upgrading the engine is a concern that should be addressed after you have finished getting better tires and transmission.
  • Boosters - speaking of reaching top speeds, the booster add-on for your car will allow you to reach speeds that are not normally achievable. More importantly, the booster will allow you to propel your vehicle off the ground -strategically avoiding all those slopes, zombies and boxes. The only drawback with boosters is that they will eventually run out (they also have their own separate fuel tanks) and also, they are best used when you are already moving at a good speed. Most players would use boost to supplement their acceleration going up a difficult slope -since this seems to be a very instinctive reaction. However, the best way to utilize the boost to use it before you even get on the slope itself -allowing you to gain speed and momentum. The good thing about pressing forward with the boost is that you are slowed down less than just relying on your engine. For the last car, the boost fuel is cheaper than gas, so you might want to play around with that notion for a bit as well. Whether you use the boost for flight or for ground based speed-ups, this is an upgrade that you would do well to invest in and learn how to use. In the final run to the helicopter, this upgrade is all the more critical to have.
  • Automatic Gun - you can fit an automated gun on top of your car, this looks pretty cool and the gun itself is super accurate: all the bullets it fires will definitely hit and kill a zombie with just one shot. Like the boost upgrade, the gun also runs out after a while, so you must expand its ammunition clip to carry more bullets. Our tip: invest in this only if you want to waste your money. As impressive as the gun may be, it is limited by two important factors: first it has a very small ammo clip, even when fully upgraded, the gun will only carry a small amount of bullets. Second, you cannot turn off its automatic behavior. As you will notice by playing the game, the first dozen zombies you encounter in the game will have little to no effect on your vehicle (especially when you have an upgraded big-rig already). You can easily plow through all those zombies without your accelerometer even batting an eyelash. With that said, there is no way to tell that to your automatic gun. The gun will shoot every zombie it locks on to -and as we said, it is a very efficient gun, it locks on and makes the kill almost instantly, and thus wasting your precious ammunition on the first wave of zombies. By the time you reach the later part of the stage, where you encounter larger zombies that actually need taking care of, your gun would be nothing more than an aesthetic piece on top of the car, doing nothing of value since it has already run out of the few bullets it has. Eventually, you will end up buying the gun -at least for the final vehicle, and most likely because you have nothing left to spend on. In terms of function, this is one upgrade you can really do without.
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