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Torturing Victims One Tool at a Time

We have already covered what we would like to see in The Torture Game 3 should the dev's make the sequel (we hope so!) but how about two games on - well we thought we would share our thoughts with you on how this highly violent game could evolve way beyond even a third game...

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Torturing For a Reason

Torture still happens in today's world - putting aside some countries that have it as forms of common punishment some developed countries are suspected of using it as a means of extracting information deemed vital for protecting 'national security' from terrorist suspects. The developers of The Torture Game could actually take this idea and implement it in the Torture Game 4.

So rather than just aimlessly torturing a random person for no good reason a scene could be set where you are interrogating a terrorist and are trying to extract information from him with regards to the where abouts of his cell or maybe the organisation's secret head quarters location.

Tick Tick Torture

Another idea would be to torture a terrorist to find out the where abouts of a bomb he has planted before it explodes. A timer could count down and it is up to to inflict the right type of pain on the terrorist in order to extract the truth from him.

The game could go even further by making you choose whether to act on a terrorist's answer or to ignore it. The terrorist could lie several times but that would be up to you to decipher whether he is telling the truth or not. Acting on the wrong answer could also lead to the bomb exploding.

Inflict Maximum Pain!

At the moment in Torture Game 2 you are just torturing a random dummy, he's pretty lifeless - he doesn't even make a sound - which is even more surprising when you are taking the chainsaw to his limbs (he must have balls the size of an elephant). In the third game's set of suggesstions we recommended adding unique sound effects of pain depending on which tool you used on the person. Here we can go one better...

In Torture game 4 you would be allowed to torture many different people with the additional option of each person being tortured for a different reason. The pain threshold would vary from person to person and each person would be affected differently by certain tool(s).

Your job to successfully torture each victim would be to find the perfect combination of tools in the right places on each victim's body to inflict maximum pain. Again you should be working against the clock in which to do so. This would add much more depth to the game. Of course you could keep the free to savage mode available in the game but the addition of a timer and puzzle to solve would turn the game into a whole new beast beyond the random carnage of a corpse.

The game player would need to listen to the different screams and noises coming from the person in order to help decipher the perfect combination of tools and places on the body that will inflict maximum pain. You could easily combine this idea with the terrorist one mentioned above.

How about sharing with us your idea's for improvements on the Torture Game 2?

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