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The SAS Zombie Assault 4 game has not yet been developed, why not play one of our other dead and gruesome games below:

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As part of our eagerness to see a fourth title produced by Ninja Kiwi we thought we may as well write a short list of improvements that we would like to see from the third title:

SAS Zombie Assault 4: Improvements and Suggestions

Although over all the third game was entertaining to play, there's one problem that has been plaguing all my sessions - the scrolling with the mouse pointer. I'd rather have the map scrolling centered around the character. If I want to move the map off this center, let's have some kind of modifier key to do that. For example, to scroll map independently, we can press and hold the 'Shift' key.

On the technical front, the game sometimes has problems connecting to the main server that stores the game progress data. This prevents me from being signed in within the game even though I am signed in to the main website. Now I do not know whether this is because I am using my Facebook account or not. It happened about once or twice.

The one thing I really missed in this game was the full screen option. It is not difficult to make Flash games with optional full screen but I understand that this game is using a lot of raster textures for richer detailing and artwork. To load full screen versions of those would take up a lot of bandwidth and increase the loading time.

So what I suggest is very simple - just have a fullscreen mode where the game is in the center in its original resolution with a blackout box around it. It's much easier to focus on just the game that way. Of course, the hosting site might not like it because it allows the user to not look at ads. But then, we are usually ignoring the ads completely when we are in the game.

That's it for the major points on which I think the game can improve. Got some more suggestions and ideas? Feel free to post them below.

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