System Shock Remake for PC, PS4, Xbox One

System Shock

After two decades, Nightdive Studios is rebooting and re-imagining the original System Shock. We will keep the new game true to the classic experience, keeping all the things you loved while giving today's gamers the modern look and feel expected from a great game.

Release Date: 01/04/2018

Available on: Linux, Mac, Xbox One, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.3/5

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You're a renowned hacker, the most notorious cyberspace thief in the corporate world. Caught during a risky break-in, you become indentured to a greedy TriOptimum executive. After six months in a healing coma, you awaken to the twisted aftermath of a terrible disaster. Where are the surgeons? Why is the station in such disrepair? Slowly, the chilling realization that something is very wrong creeps over you.

Once a prime corporate research facility, Citadel Station now teems with mindless cyborgs, robots and terribly mutated beings, all programmed to serve SHODAN, a ruthless A.I. There's scarcely time to think before it unleashes the first terror...

Release Details

The all new version of System Shock will be relesed in 2018. If you'd like a brief preview of the game, we have a Pre-Alpha Demo available for download right now. Please keep in mind this is a very very very early demo, so performance, content, etc is not final.


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System Shock is developed by Nightdive Studios.

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