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SYREN is a VR survival horror game.

A scientist obsessed with eugenics builds an underwater research facility above an ancient lost city, in which he conducts horrific experiments in an attempt to recreate the lost species of ‘Syrens’ – the legendary inhabitants of the civilisation, that once existed in the ruins below. You awaken into chaos. The lab in ruins; creaking under the immense pressure of the sea

Release Date: 01/04/2017

Available on: VR, VR, PS4, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: /5

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With the station reactor about to go critical, you have limited time to navigate out of the lab and evacuate the facility. With death everywhere, you soon learn that you are not alone. Some of the experiments have gotten loose.

In this stealth and survival game, you must solve puzzles to progress through a series of room scale scenes and always remain alert for the deadly Syrens who are hiding in the shadows.

Release Details

Syren is still in production and is due to be released sometime in 2017


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Syren is developed by Hammer Head.

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