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Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

screenshot of Boxhead: The Zombie Wars game

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Escape the Graveyard Shift in Working Stiffs!

working stiffs

Zombies! There is just no way to escape them, and in the corporate world, everyone is a mindless drone -the only real difference is whether you have a craving for brains or you still have a pulse. Enter the world of Working Stiffs, a bizarre zombie infestation scenario that happens in one of the busiest places in our lives, the office.

In this game, you must guide poor employees around cubicles, lockers, filing cabinets, dividers and massive desks as you find ways to keep them away from turning into zombie munchies. It is fun, exciting and quite suspenseful at many points, and despite the game's overly humorous atmosphere, there is a certain level of palpable fright in the air.

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Earn to Die

earn to die game

It is time to throw logic and natural physics out of the window as we indulge ourselves in the surreal yet addictive gameplay of the unfortunately named flash browser game: Earn to Die. No, seriously, that is how the developer made the title. It really does not make sense, after all, the point of upgrading is so that you can survive much longer and hopefully, get to the end of the game. And if you think the title is weird, why not try the overall plot of this zombie killing game?

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Dude vs Zombies

dude vs zombies game

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the undead slowly come crawling towards you, it certainly makes the concept of quick fixing your car a matter of life and death. And this is the very situation that Dude has found himself in: right smack in a forest surrounded by undead creatures, his car in shambles and with nowhere to run. Armed with a trusty pistol, our hero, Dude must employ his best skills in dodging and killing the undead while slowly fixing his car whenever the action takes a brief pause.

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armor games

We would like to thank Armor Games for their great range of dead games provided free online. You can play loads more great free games online at their portal.

Dead in 60 Seconds

dead in 60 seconds

When you have been bitten by a zombie and you only have 60 seconds to spare before you can get to the antidote, things can get pretty hairy - especially when your ammunition is limited and you are surrounded by zombies on all sides (apparently, they will still want to eat you until you have fully turned). So what is a dying man to do? Rush and kill your way through a load of zombies of course! Dead in 60 Seconds is a combination between an upgrade game, a zombie shooter and some odd ways, a launcher title.

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